Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Eat Sweets?

There is pretty much no one who doesn’t like the occasional sweet treat, right? There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while! If you are wondering why do my teeth hurt when I eat sweets, you have come to the right place. Let’s look into this in a bit more detail…

Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Eat Sweets?

Can You Have Tooth Pain Without A Cavity

Sweets are yum, there’s no doubt about that. But, as we all know, they are not good for either the waistline or for the teeth!

  • Sugar can damage the teeth by encouraging the types of bacteria that cause plaque, and which can go on to cause cavities.
  • If your teeth hurt when you eat a lot of sugar, it’s because the sugar can damage the teeth, and especially those that are already sensitive.
  • Snacking on sweet things too often can prevent the saliva in your mouth from being able to wash away the things that cause decay and tooth sensitivity.
  • Eating or drinking sweet things can also build up the acid content of your mouth, which is bad for teeth, gums and general oral health.
  • Sweets can contribute to a whole lot of unpleasant conditions, such as decay, tooth loss, gum disease and tooth pain.

Although it’s wonderful to eat what you want when you want, it might be wise to stay away from the sugary treats too much.

After all, your teeth and your smile are a big part of your self confidence, so try to keep them as healthy and happy as they can be!

Can You Have Tooth Pain Without A Cavity?

It may surprise you to know that teeth can hurt for a variety of reasons – and not all of these reasons are cavity related.

In the same way that you can have a cavity without having any pain, you can also get pain without a cavity!

Tooth pain is actually caused when the inner layer of the tooth, known as dentin, is exposed to the elements.

Dentin can end up being exposed because of gum recession, or a wearing away of tooth enamel, and is to be avoided at all costs.

A cracked tooth can also cause tooth pain; you can notice these if you look in the mirror, but any sharp, stabbing, sudden pain should be investigated by a dentist.

Somewhat surprisingly, pain in your teeth might not actually be anything to do with your teeth at all. A sinus infection can cause tooth pain, so if you get this type while at the end of a cold or infection then this would be your culprit.

Teeth can also become painful because of temporomandibular joint disorders. Tooth grinding, jaw injuries and even arthritis can cause this type of tooth pain.

If you ever get a pain in one or more teeth, the best thing you can do is schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as you can.

How Do You Get Rid Of Sweet Tooth Pain?

How Do You Get Rid Of Sweet Tooth Pain

OK, we all know that the answer to this is to simply stop eating sweet things – but this is not always a possible option!

You can reduce the sensitivity of your teeth by trying a few things such as:

  • Using a soft bristled toothbrush. This will still do the job, but it won’t add to the sensitivity of your teeth.
  • Switching to a sensitive toothpaste. A good toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth is a great option.
  • If you smoke, consider quitting. Not only will this be good for your teeth, but it will do your whole body the world of good too.
  • Avoiding alcohol based mouthwash. A good rinse with salt water will do the job even better!
  • Drinking green tea. This is known for its antioxidant properties for the whole body, and can be very beneficial for your mouth too.
  • Limiting your carbohydrate foods. It may surprise you to know that high carbohydrates also means high sugar, so limiting sugar also means limiting carbs.
  • Try oil pulling. This popular method has been around for centuries, and it’s purported to be very useful for tooth and gum health.
  • Visit your dentist regularly. Keeping on top of your oral care with a professional is just about the best thing that you can do for your teeth.
  • Switch to sugar free gum. This may satisfy your cravings for something sweet, while at the same time benefiting your mouth.

Can You Rebuild Tooth Enamel?

Tooth enamel is not a living tissue, like the skin or muscles, and as such it cannot be rebuilt and made exactly how it once was.

This being said, you can strengthen weakened enamel by increasing its mineral content – some toothpastes and mouthwashes can help with this.

Following the below can help your teeth grow stronger to deal with pain when eating sweet things:

  • Brush with a flouride toothpaste. This should be one that offers other minerals too, such as Calcium.
  • Chew sugar free gum. This can stimulate saliva production and help clear away plaque from your teeth.
  • Floss or use brushing sticks. Getting in between your teeth to remove leftover bits of food is a great way to keep your teeth healthy.
  • Avoid starchy and sugary foods. These things are high in sugar which can damage teeth and enamel.
  • Drink like a fish – water only. Keeping hydrated is good for your mouth, and clean water is the best thing you can drink.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Keeping your mouth healthy is about more than just brushing well – keeping your whole body healthy is the best thing you can do for your mouth.
  • Visit your dentist regularly. The professionals can help you identify problem areas in your mouth, and help you deal with them before they become big problems.

Final Words

It’s never fun when your teeth hurt, and even less fun when they hurt while you are enjoying a sweet treat!

Hopefully now you know a few more of the reasons why this happens, you can deal with it a bit better – and maybe even stop it from happening altogether.