Does Laser Teeth Whitening Work?

White teeth are associated with youth and beauty, as our teeth (along with the rest of us!) tend to degrade with age. Imagine if there was a way to keep your teeth looking younger than the rest of you, and have them always look healthy, strong and shiny white. Well actually, there is a way! Laser teeth whitening is a safe, effective and increasingly popular way of keeping your smile bright and beautiful.

What is laser teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is carried out by a dentist or a regulated dental professional – laser whitening is available from salons, but this is actually illegal without a dental professional present, and can even damage your teeth.

The process of laser whitening is very simple, and considerably less scary than your average dentist visit! It takes around an hour, and the process is begun by thoroughly cleaning your teeth to ensure they are as clean as they can be before the process is begun.

The next step is where the dentist paints a bleaching product onto your teeth, then shines a special laser light onto them to activate the bleaching process. This process can make your teeth seven to ten shades lighter than what they were before you went into the office!

Laser teeth whitening comes with a cost, as do most dental services, but surely it’s worth it to pay a bit for clean, shiny bright teeth?

Who can have laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening is suitable for just about anyone, but there are a couple of exceptions. Those with gum disease are not eligible for laser tooth whitening, as it can make the gum disease worse.

Also, people who have crowns are not advised to get laser teeth whitening, as the process can damage or dislodge the crowns.

Laser teeth whitening may, in some cases, increase the sensitivity of your teeth, so it is always worth researching fully before you commit to a decision.

It is more suitable for older people, as younger people tend to still have white teeth, before the rigours of life, food and drink have affected them.

You must be 18 or over to have your teeth laser whitened.

Dangers of laser teeth whitening

There are actually very few disadvantages to laser teeth whitening, as long as you get it done at a reputable dentist or at least via a trained professional.

  • It is a non invasive procedure that will not hurt, and will not cause any damage to your teeth or gums. There is, however, a small chance that you as an individual may react to the substances included in the teeth whitening procedure, so you should always have a good chat with your dentist before you proceed.
  • Another factor to consider – although it is not a danger as such – is that this whitening process is not permanent. The length of time it lasts varies from person to person; between a few months all the way up to 3 years. The length of time it lasts is entirely dependent on you as a person – certain factors that you cannot control, like genetics, plays a part, and also your lifestyle choices. You cannot expect your teeth whitening to last if you are chain smoking and drinking bottles full of red wine every night!
  • The process may cause a little discomfort while it is going on, due tour teeth reacting to the lightening gel. This is normal, and will not be painful enough to put you off the treatment.
  • There is no way of knowing if laser teeth whitening will work for you unless you actually try it. Some people are predisposed to suit the treatment better, and some people’s whiter teeth will last longer than others – the only way to find out if it will benefit you is to give it a go.

Benefits of laser tooth whitening

The most obvious upside to this treatment is that your teeth will be whiter and more healthy looking.

Another good thing is that it is relatively inexpensive, compared to other methods. Of course, there are even cheaper methods – see whitening toothpastes – but the whitening effect of those takes longer to materialise.

It is safe, suitable for most people, and it will not cause you any pain.

As long as you give it 5 or so days to allow the lightening process to set, you can enjoy whiter, brighter teeth, for hopefully as long as a few years.

Final words

Laser teeth whitening is a safe, straightforward procedure that can leave your teeth many shades lighter for a long time to come.

It is simple and hassle free to go through, and it should not cause you any pain – however, as with any procedure, there may be risks, so make sure you are under the care of the most qualified person that you can possibly find before you go ahead.