We started this blog to protect you heart. Yes, really. And not just that but also to protect your brain, your lungs and even your little one if you an expecting mum.

How are all these connected to dental health?

Multiple studies have confirmed a connection between your dental health and overall health. Deteriorating dental health – marked by problem like gingivitis and tooth decay – can cause serious health issues in other parts of your body.

Bacteria from decaying teeth can travel through your bloodstream to your heart where it can cause inflammation, thus increasing the risk of stroke or heart attack. It can also travel to your brain where it can contribute to dementia. The nearby lungs can also take in some of those infection-causing bacteria.

In diabetics, poor dental health makes it harder to manage blood sugar while in expecting women, gum infection (Periodontitis) risks low birth weight and premature births.

In the face of these dangerous health risks, we felt a burden to share trustworthy information on dental health sourced from authoritative experts and publications. We hope this blog will accomplish that.

What We Will Talk About

This blog will revolve chiefly around dental health and all related areas. Our main focus is to help people take better care of their teeth and in the process improve their general health. We will talk about brushing, flossing, gum care and everything else that can help you maintain healthier teeth and gums.

Why You Should Stick Around

We invite you to keep checking back frequently, hopefully every day. This is because we will also feature reviews of the best dental care products as well as how-to videos, important tips and product guides. Don’t miss out on the best deals in the market that will save you money.

If you have a question, idea or comment on anything in this blog, feel free to reach out.