How To Get A Tooth Out Fast And Painless?

If you have a dead tooth, or one that is riddled with cavities, the best thing you can do is to get it removed as soon as possible, to avoid the chance of pain and infection. Obviously the best way to do this is to visit the dentist, but if you have financial issues or a phobia of those white coats and drills then you might wish to look at doing this at home.

How to get a tooth out fast and painless, if you have no access to a dentist? We’re here to tell you how!

How Do You Pull A Tooth Out At Home?

How Do You Pull A Tooth Out At Home

If you have a loose tooth as an adult, this is far more worrying than when you were a child an experiencing your first wobbly tooth.

If you desperately need a tooth pulled out out, then go to your dentist! If this is not an option for you for whatever reason, then there are things you can do:

  1. Wiggle the tooth. Putting constant pressure on it and moving it about in its socket will help to loosen the tooth.
  2. Brush and floss. The action of the brushing and flossing will help the tooth to become looser, especially if you brush with an up and down motion.
  3. Use a wet wash cloth. Gripping the tooth using a wet cloth or medicinal gauze will allow you to get a better grip on it.
  4. Twist the tooth. This motion will help to loosen the tooth, especially if it is not responding to being pulled downwards.

How Bad Does It Hurt To Pull A Tooth At Home?

The amount of pain you experience will depend on the health of the tooth you are trying to pull out.

If you are attempting to remove a perfectly healthy tooth, first of all, don’t! There is no need, and this will cause you a lot of pain.

A tooth that is already loose, or infected, will be easier to pull than a healthy one – but this is still undoubtedly a painful procedure.

If you are suffering with a tooth that needs to be removed, the best thing you can do is to visit your dentist.

A dentist will apply numbing gel, or in some cases inject the area with local anaesthetic, to prevent pain while the tooth is being pulled out.

If you absolutely HAVE to pull out a tooth at home, there is not much you can do to numb the pain.

  • Using ice around the area can help a little, as the cold will numb the area somewhat – however applying the ice can be painful in itself.
  • You can, if you are old enough, try drinking alcohol – this is well known to dull the senses. However, it comes with its own health risks, and we wouldn’t recommend it.
  • Numbing gel, like that used for teething children, can help a little, but it is not particularly strong, and you may have to use a lot of it to notice any difference.
  • A good natural numbing agent is clove oil – this has been used for dental pain for centuries. It can numb the area for long enough to allow you to remove the offending tooth.

There is not a lot that can remove the pain of pulling a tooth, so we really would recommend that you visit a dentist as soon as you can!

If you want any more encouragement to NOT pull out your teeth at home, watch this video:


How Do You Pull A Tooth Out Fast?

Do you remember being a small child and having a grown up tie a piece of string to your tooth and the the other end to a door handle?

Slamming that door super fast will probably yank that tooth our before you can blink! However, this is much easier with small children and their milk teeth, whose roots are not as deep as adult teeth.

Pulling a tooth out fast, if it is an adult tooth, will probably be harder and more painful than pulling out your child’s teeth with a piece of string.

Making sure you have a good grip on it, twisting it rather than pulling it, and brushing vigorously around it are all good methods.

However, we really can’t stress enough that you shouldn’t pull your teeth at home. Book a dentist visit, please!

Can I Pull My Own Tooth With Pliers?

If you absolutely have to pull a tooth, just grabbing hold of it with your fingers is not the most effective way to do so!

Teeth, because they are inside the mouth, are generally pretty slippery, and you will find that tugging at it won’t actually help to remove it – unless it’s hanging on by a thread.

Using something that can get a good grip on the tooth, such as a pair of pliers, will help you remove your tooth far more effectively.

However (you  know what we’re going to say, don’t you?) you really shouldn’t be trying to remove your own teeth with any household tool, no matter how bad the pain is.

Removing your tooth with a pair of pliers can lead to a great deal of pain, blood loss, and potentially damaging the rest of your mouth.

There is also the danger that you won’t remove the entire tooth, and you could end up with the root or fragments still in your mouth, which can cause infection.

The recent lockdowns led some people to attempt home dentistry, and every single one of them would tell you:


Dentists are trained professionals, and they are really the only tools you should be using to remove a tooth that has a problem.

Final Words

Removing a tooth at home is not the sort of situation anyone wants to find themselves in! But as you can see, there are ways to do this that (hopefully!) won’t be too painful.

We would definitely advise that you visit the dentist as regularly as you can though, to avoid issues like this arising in the future. Here is our guide on home dental first aid kits.