How Do Dentures Change Your Face?

As we all know, we are changing all the time – I bet you don’t look the same as you did 5 years ago! With that in mind, how do dentures change your face?

Well yes, they do – but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing! As long as they are well fitted and comfortable, your dentures should make you look even better than before.

How Do Dentures Change Your Face

how do dentures change your face

Having dentures, particularly if you had already lost teeth, will definitely change the look of your face – but almost certainly  for the better!

When you lose teeth, the structure of your face is changed and it can start to sag in places, making you look older.

As we age, we can often lose bone density and our gums can be compromised, which can make our teeth look longer, and can even cause them to fall out, which completely changes how your face looks – even if it’s a back tooth.

Having good, well-fitting dentures to replace these losses can restore the original shape of your face, making you feel more confident.

If you have the right teeth, you are also much better able to chew and process your food, which leads to fewer stomach and digestion issues.

The key is having good dentures that fit right. You may have to visit your dentist if you notice any changes to your new teeth, to help them be the best fit that they can.

If your dentures start to become loose because of the way your face changes, you may notice that you are not looking as youthful as you would like.

A quick visit to your dentist to get the dentures checked over is always a good idea, to maintain your smile and your confidence.

Dentures can restore the face shape you thought you had lost, can help you to chew your food better – plus increase your confidence and overall happiness. What’s not to love?

How Can I Prevent My Face From Collapse With Dentures?

Our faces are partly supported by our teeth, which is why so many people develop a sagging appearance when they lose teeth.

The facial muscles, with nothing to hold them up, may start to sink inwards, leaving a face that you may not be too happy with.

Dentures can help to prevent this issue by shoring up the lines of your face – but only if they fit well.

An incorrect bite, caused by badly fitting dentures, can actually wear away the bone of your jaw, causing the face to collapse even further.

However, the right well-fitting dentures can help to prevent this completely – by supporting the face, you can get over the sagging.

If you are consistently finding that your dentures appear to be making your face sag, it may be a sign that you need different dentures!

There are a good few different types out there these days, so have a chat with your dentist to make sure you are wearing the right ones for you.

Will I Look Funny With Dentures?

The short answer to this is no, you won’t look “funny” just because you are having dentures fitted.

It is very common to feel self-conscious about your appearance, especially as you age and things start to change.

If you have had some teeth removed and you are preparing to have dentures fitted, don’t worry – it will actually improve your appearance!

Having dentures replacing lost teeth will help the face stay not sagging, and basically just the way you want it to be.

Dentures can often feel too big, and you might worry that everyone will notice – but this is mainly in your head. You’ll get used to the feeling, and know that no one else is looking at you differently.

Dentures are designed to match your original teeth as closely as possible, so you won’t look wildly different.

As long as you take proper care of your dentures and maintain them well, you can enjoy a pearly white smile for years to come!

Here’s a good video that might give you confidence to know that people will not think that you look funny for wearing dentures (and if they do, they’re “weird!”):


Why Is My Face Sagging After Getting Dentures?

Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth, so by their very nature they should be able to prevent your face from sagging.

If you are noticing an unwelcome change in your face after getting dentures, it is definitely worth a trip to the dentist, to check that everything is fitting as it should.

The aptly named “witch’s chin” is caused when your chin starts to droop because of changes to your jawbone when you wear dentures.

Your face SHOULD perk up after you are fitted for dentures, so if you notice any sagging areas then it may be a sign that they are not fitting properly, and a trip to your dentist should be on your list.

Will I Look Younger With Dentures?

It is a common misconception that wearing dentures makes you look older – in fact, the opposite is often true!

Having good, well-fitting dentures can actually work wonders to make you look younger, and they do this in a few different ways:

  • They can define the cheekbones. Having teeth in your mouth improves the shape of your face, and prevents it from sagging.
  • Lines around the mouth may reduce. Yes, you heard that right – having good dentures can reduce the lines around your mouth and your face.
  • Blood flow may improve. As blood flows around the skin, it can make it look more radiant and smoother.
  • The jawline will look stronger. Firming up the face is a great way to look younger, and dentures can help to do this.
  • Dentures can increase fullness of the lips. Rather than the lips folding back in on themselves, dentures can make them seem younger and more plump.

So there you have it – a little bit of comfort for you if you are due to get dentures and you’re worried about how you might look!

Final Words

Dentures are certainly a fantastic alternative to having no teeth at all – not only will you be able to chew, you will also likely feel much more confident too.

If you are worried about how do dentures change your face, you can always have a chat with your dentist to find out the best options for you.