How To Choose The Best Bamboo Toothbrush

Billions of plastic toothbrushes find their way to landfills every year, with many of them ending up in the oceans and beaches.

To reduce environmental pollution, many people are switching to bamboo toothbrushes, which break down in a few months or years rather than the hundreds of years that plastic toothbrushes take to degrade.

Bamboo toothbrushes reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the environment.

The only part of the toothbrush that isn’t biodegradable are the nylon bristles. Some toothbrushes are all-natural, with a bamboo handle and head and animal hair bristles. But these toothbrushes are not vegan-friendly and the bristles tend to be a bit too firm.

In this buying guide, we review the best bamboo toothbrushes we found online.

First, some tips on how to choose the right bamboo toothbrush.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bamboo Toothbrush

a) Bristle Firmness

Soft bristles are the best for most people. They clean teeth effectively without wearing out the enamel and irritating the gum.

Some people may find toothbrushes with medium-firm better. But if you have sensitive teeth and gums, stick with soft bristles.

Avoid cheap bamboo toothbrushes with hard bristles. They can cause bleeding and damage your teeth.

b) Head Size

A compact toothbrush head is usually the best for most people. You need a toothbrush that can easily fit in the tight spaces in your mouth.

You’ll have trouble brushing your molars with a large-headed toothbrush.

c) Ergonomic Handle

Check that the bamboo handle is well designed. It should have a tapering or contoured shape that fits easily in your hand and stays put when you are brushing.

Also, check the length of the handle especially if you are buying a child’s bamboo toothbrush. It should be shorter than average.

d) Eco-Friendly Packaging

If you are going to buy an eco-friendly toothbrush, it makes no sense to get one that comes in plastic packaging. Your effort to preserve the environment by not buying a plastic toothbrush is cancelled out by the packaging.

Fortunately, many manufacturers sell bamboo toothbrushes in eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging.

e) Pack Size

Most bamboo toothbrushes come several in a pack. They can be as few as two or as many as a dozen.

The best pack size depends on your needs. If you want everyone in the family to switch to a bamboo toothbrush, get a larger pack.

It’s a good idea to buy a large pack even if it’s just for you. It makes it easier to replace your toothbrush after 3-4 months since you don’t have to procrastinate about ordering a new one.

Larger packs have another advantage – they usually offer better value for your money. If you want to save money, packs of 8, 10 and 12 are usually the best bargains.

f) Extra Features and Bonus Gifts

One thoughtful feature we’ve seen in some bamboo toothbrushes is numbering on the handle. This ensures you don’t use your partner’s toothbrush by mistake.

Another handy feature is a breakable head. When the toothbrush reaches the end of its life, you simply break off the head and dispose it along with trash. You can then add the bamboo handle to your compost, stick it in soil or upcycle it.

Some bamboo toothbrush packs also come with bonus gifts inside such as dental floss and earbuds.

The Best Bamboo Toothbrushes

1. BAMBOOGALOO Organic Bamboo Toothbrushes, 5 Pack

BAMBOOGALOO Organic Bamboo Toothbrushes - 5 Pack with Bamboo Cotton Buds & Dental Floss Gift. Premium UK Design, Natural Wooden Toothbrush - Medium Firm Bristles. Eco-Friendly, Plastic-Free Packaging

If you are not so sure about bamboo toothbrushes and want a cheap trial pack, we recommend this 5-pack from BAMBOOGALOO.

The toothbrushes are made from organic bamboo that is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, meaning it is grown and harvested sustainably.

To keep the toothbrush from absorbing moisture and becoming a safe haven for mold and bacteria, the bamboo is carbonized by subjecting it to heat.

The BAMBOOGALOO uses BPA-free nylon bristles. They are medium-firm, making them ideal for most people except those with sensitive teeth and gums.

The manufacturer did a lot of tests to come up with the right handle design. They settled on a square blocky handle that is easy to hold.

The handle is wider at the base and tappers into a thinner curved neck that allows you to reach deep into your mouth.

The toothbrushes are not numbered but they come in five different colours. You can easily tell which is yours.

The packaging is biodegradable and plastic free including the outer box and the hygiene wrap on each toothbrush. The wrap looks like ordinary plastic wrapping but it’s actually made from plant cellulose.

What we like about it:

  • Low price.
  • Colour-coded bristles.
  • Biodegradable packaging.
  • Ergonomic handle.

2. Bambuu Bamboo Toothbrushes, 4-pack

Bamboo Toothbrushes | Family Pack of 4 Numbered | Eco Friendly Wooden Toothbrushes |100% Biodegradable | Medium Soft Bristles | Natural Organic | Plastic and BPA Free | Vegan - by Bambuu

This is another good choice if you are looking for an affordable starter pack for your family. It’s also a good choice for those looking for softer bristles.

The toothbrushes are made from Mao bamboo, a bamboo variety originating in China and Taiwan. It is water resistant and naturally anti-bacterial.

The bristles are made from BPA-free nylon. They are medium-soft, perfect for most people.

The bamboo handle has a contoured oval design, with the widest part being at the middle, where most people hold the toothbrush. This provides a strong grip, making it easier to move the toothbrush around.

The bristles on all the toothbrushes are white. But you can still tell which brush is yours using the numbers written on the handle. They are labelled as 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The brushes come in individual boxes, which are then packaged in a larger box. All the packaging materials are biodegradable, so you are buying a 100% eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush pack.

What we like about it:

  • Eco-friendly brushes and packaging.
  • Low price.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Number labelling for easy identification.

3. Wavraging Bamboo Toothbrushes, 6-pack

Bamboo Toothbrushes Medium Bristles| BPA Free & Vegan-Friendly Wooden Toothbrush | Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable| Natural Bristles for Healthy Dental Care| Toothbrush in Rainbow Colors, Pack of 6

If you want a larger pack of bamboo toothbrushes, this 6-pack from Wavraging is a good bargain. It costs almost the same as the 4-packs above but comes with a couple more toothbrushes.

The toothbrushes are colour-coded, making it easy for everyone in the family to identify their toothbrush.

You can choose from two pack options: an ordinary pack with six toothbrushes for adults and teenagers or a family pack with four adult-sized toothbrushes and two child-sized toothbrushes.

The medium-firm nylon toothbrushes have a wavy pattern, which makes it easier to reach every part of your teeth. When the bristles wear out, you can pull them out with a pair of pliers and then dispose of the bamboo handle alongside your organic waste.

The bamboo handle features a long tapering neck that allows you to reach your molars with ease. The lower part of the handle is round, which provides a strong and comfortable grip without any sharp edges.

What we like about it:

  • Comfortable round handle.
  • Colour-coded bristles.
  • Eco-friendly packaging.

4. Conserve Beauty Bamboo Toothbrushes, 10-pack

Conserve Beauty Bamboo Toothbrushes - 10 Pack with 2 Travel/Storage Cases. Premium Design, Natural Wooden Toothbrush - Charcoal Medium Bristles. Vegan, Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable.

Need an even bigger pack? Get the Conserve Beauty pack of 10 premium bamboo toothbrushes.

Everything about these toothbrushes, expect the price, is high-end. The brushes themselves have a thick double-curved handle that fits easily in your hand.

The bristles are good quality as well. They are on the soft side and some customers caution that they do not last as long as medium-firm bristles. But if you have sensitive teeth, they are the best.

The only thing we don’t like about the bristles is that they are all black. No colour-coding  to avoid mix-ups at home. Some numbering on the handles would have been nice but even that is not provided.

You’ll probably have to find a DIY method to label the toothbrushes.

The packaging looks great and, more importantly, it’s eco-friendly. Instead of the usual plastic, it’s made from recyclable craft paper.

In addition to the 10 toothbrushes, you get a pack of 100 bamboo cotton buds and two premium travel cases to carry a toothbrush in when on the road. Overall, the Conserve Beauty pack is a good bargain.

What we like about it:

  • Ideal for large families and those who want a large toothbrush pack.
  • Ergonomic handle design.
  • Bonus travel cases and bamboo cotton buds.
  • Eco-friendly packaging.

5. ECOGRANDEUR Organic Bamboo Toothbrushes, 12-pack

ECOGRANDEUR Organic Bamboo Toothbrushes & Free eBook [12 Pack] with Free Dental Floss, Medium Soft Charcoal Bristles, Eco-Friendly & Natural Wooden Toothbrush, Biodegradable, Plastic-Free Packaging.

This dozen pack is perfect for those who want a generous stockpile of toothbrushes at home for easy replacement.

A single ECOGRANDEUR pack of organic bamboo toothbrushes will last you a full year.

The wavy handle design contours to your hand, making it easy to hold the toothbrush and maneuver it around as you brush your teeth. Hopefully, now you can comfortably brush for the recommended two minutes.

The BPA-free nylon bristles are medium soft. They do a great job removing bits of food and plaque from teeth without aggravating your gums or eroding your teeth enamel. Just be careful not to brush too hard as that will fray the bristles faster.

All the toothbrushes have black bristles but, thankfully, the handles are numbered from 1 to 12.

As with most bamboo toothbrushes, the packaging is also biodegradable.

The ECOGRANDEUR pack comes with free dental floss and a free e-book on eco-living.

What we like about it:

  • Comfortable handle.
  • Good value for money – 12 brushes at a very fair price.
  • Numbers on handles for easy identification.
  • Free dental floss and e-book.